Should you be worried about Brexit consequences?

Antonio Verdonces Vivancos from My Lawyer in Spain has collaborated with us and written this clear article about the UK referendum and the possible Brexit. As this might be an issue you could be worried about regarding your buying plans in Spain, this article can surely dispel some of the fears and questions you might have.

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Real Estate Glossary: Kitchen layouts

Open-plan, separate, kitchenette, single-wall… When reading some building specifications and brochures we may find some terms referring to different kinds of kitchen which do not sound familiar to us. Moreover, kitchen layouts may differ, especially in newly-built developments, depending on the predominant trends and the target customer. For instance, a separate kitchen is often our first choice for our usual main residence, whereas we prefer an open-plan kitchen in our 2nd home, which is understandable since when we are on holiday we do not feel like cooking.  Instead, we opt for a larger living are or a good-sized terrace to enjoy the unrivalled Mediterranean sunlight 🙂

There are basically two main layouts: separate and open-plan. Let us examine this in greater detail… Seguir leyendo